Feral Pigeons and Gulls

We offer bird control using various methods designed around the specific location, this can be complemented by proofing, including the removal and disinfecting of infected areas.

Net proofing and anti-roosting spike systems and the latest bird gel for ledges can also be installed.

Feral pigeons and certain Gulls are classified as an Environmental Health pest, which cause serious damage to buildings and human health. Roosting birds can cause odour, noise complaints with their nests and bird droppings carrying disease as well as danger underfoot if stepped on. A Local Authority can take action against owners or occupiers of properties who fail to take measures to control their activity under Health and Safety guidelines.


We offer an emergency cover for all customers, contact Keith on 07752197046 or Email us on huntcatchkill@btinternet.com and we will respond as soon as possible and agree a convenient time to deal with your pigeon problem.

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