We provide wasp nest removal for both the domestic and business customers. A wasp nest can be found in all types of locations, within a building or in the garden or surrounding area. Although a wasps nest may begin life as small as a table tennis ball by late summer it could have increased in size to the of a large pillow, containing a colony of wasps in excess of 10,000.


We provide an EMERGENCY CALL OUT SERVICE for this problem 7 days a week. Wasp nests can be particularly difficult and dangerous due to the aggressive nature of the insects and the whereabouts of the nest. Do not hesitate in calling we have the most up to date equipment and one of our technicians will deal with your problem quickly and safely.

Wasps nests in house loft and in garden lawn.

We offer an emergency cover for all customers, contact Keith on 07752197046 or Email us on huntcatchkill@btinternet.com and we will respond as soon as possible and agree a convenient time to remove wasp nest.

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