HuntCatchKill Ltd takes its responsibility in targeting a rat problem, mouse problem, squirrel problem, mole problem, rabbit problem or fox problem seriously but ensuring safe conditions for our Yorkshire wildlife very seriously. On every job we do a thorough risk assessment to ensure the method used only targets the unwanted pests only.

Control of rodent populations on farms is essential because they spread disease. Preventing rat infestation or mouse infestation in semi-rural and surrounding industrial sites including shopping complexes and supermarkets is equally important. Mole problems and mole infestations can destabilise ground conditions, contaminate silage and ruin lawns etc. Squirrels problems or squirrel infestations can cause serious damage to property and trees etc.

When there is a rodent problem in a property they can cause damage to the structure, electrical wiring, personal possessions and contamination of food etc

In some cases, where it is not appropriate to lay poison baits against rodent activity, such as rat problems, squirrel problems or mouse infestation, then spring traps are employed. All spring traps used by us are government approved and comply with the Wildlife and countryside Act and spring trap legislation.

In the case of high infestations of rats, rabbits or moles we are certified to carry out gassing of burrows etc.

Our company carry out free, no obligation surveys to properties or areas that require protection or treatment against pest activity such as rats, mice, moles, rabbits squirrels and foxes.. Our friendly experts are also available to help with any pest control issues that you may have, offering helpful advice in person, by email or over the telephone.

Following the treatment of the pest our technicians can provide guidance on the best method of reducing the possibility of a repeat of the problem. We would be happy to carry out these recommendations if required, at a one-off cost.

We also welcome contracts from all business and companies to provide them with the comfort that their problem is being addressed.

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