We provide a service for the control of magpies for both the domestic, business and agricultural customers. A flock of magpies can be found in all locations, but they mainly present a problem for farmers. Magpie groups damage young crops and attack small birds and raid their eggs. We are not in the business to totally eradicate magpies but to control the magpie numbers.


For the control of magpies, following a detailed site survey we recommend the use of two types of trap, both humane or shooting.  All our work complies with Health and Safety regulations.


Magpie prevention should be acted on as soon as you recognise the issue, we accept that we cannot completely resole the magpie problem but we can put measures in place to reduce the magpie population and reduce the magpie numbers.


We offer an emergency cover for all customers, contact Keith on 07752197046 or Email us on huntcatchkill@btinternet.com and we will respond as soon as possible and agree a convenient time to deal with your magpie problem.

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