Crawling & Flying Insects

As well as Insecticidal spray treatments, we use a number of other control methods against insect pests. These include baits and monitoring traps with pheromone lures. These methods prove particularly useful for the control of cockroaches and other crawling insects within food premises, residential homes, schools and hospitals.

Garden ants are one of the many insect pests that we can treat during the warmer months. Insecticidal sprays, baits and bait stations can be used in both indoor and outdoor situations. Ant infestations inside properties can also be effectively treated, all methods are harmless to plants, pets and children.

Wasps and wasps nests are a real issue if found in or around your property or immediate vicinity. Do not hesitate to contact us as we offer an EMERGENCY SERVICE to deal with wasp nest problem in York which will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

All types of Flies pose a real health risk within any kitchen or food area. we can supply Electronic Fly Killing machines, fly--screen doors and windows as well as carrying out Insecticidal treatments against fly activity.

Pest Control York

We have the equipment and treatments to tackle all types of infestation it being Varied carpet beetle, Fur beetle, Case bearing clothes moth, Brown house moth, White shouldered house moth, Larder beetle, Yellow mealworm beetle, Biscuit Beetle, Spider beetle, Cheese mite, Flour mite, etc.

We will find the pest and we will do the rest. HuntCatchKill Pest Control Services are proud to treat insect problems in York and the surrounding area of North Yorkshire and Yorkshire.

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