We provide a service for the extermination of flies for both the domestic and business customers. Cluster fly infestations can be found in all types of locations, within a building but mainly in the loft or ceiling areas. A cluster fly problem is usually noticed through the autumn months when they return to dark warm locations such as lofts, barns etc but are attracted to light so you discover them at your windows. Flies carry and transmit various types of diseases contaminating foodstuffs, packaging, preparation surfaces and utensils.


There are several types of flies which pose a real health risk within any commercial or home kitchen and food preparation area. We can supply, fit and maintain electronic fly killers, window fly screens, door brush strips and strip curtains. We also can carry out insecticidal treatments against fly activity.


We offer an emergency cover for all customers, contact Keith on 07752197046 or Email us on huntcatchkill@btinternet.com and we will respond as soon as possible and agree a convenient time to deal with your fly problem.

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