Pigeons, gulls, crows, magpies and many other wild birds cause a nuisance-factor with their noise and smell, nesting and roosting. They bring with them a host of crawling, biting and blood-sucking insects which often prey upon humans. Their droppings, when under-foot can cause serious injury through slips, trips and falls.

Feral pigeons are classified as an Environmental Health Pest.

Feral pigeons carry diseases that are harmful to humans; significantly more than the Brown rat and yet most people wouldn't think of feeding a wild rat.

It is estimated that 60% of the Country's pigeon population is infected with disease

We provide a range of systems to combat feral pigeon and bird activity. These include: trapping, shooting, netting (proofing) and anti-roosting spike systems, including the latest bird gel.

Trapping can usually take place out of sight of the general public, such as on a roof or within a garden etc. All captured birds are destroyed by the Technician through the use of a humane dispatching tool


If you have a York bird problem or bird problem in North Yorkshire or bird problem in Yorkshire, contact HuntCatchKill Pest Control, on 07752197046 or Email us on and we will respond as soon as possibleSolutions Ltd who can provide free advice and action to resolve your bird problem.

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