We provide a service for the extermination of bedbugs for both the domestic and business customers. Bedbug infestations can be found in all types of locations, within a building but mainly in the bedroom or due to the increase in people movement in commercial airlines and public transport.

Identifying you have a problem comes with seeing brown like spots on bedding or chairs and bites which are sometimes in a line on the skin. If you suspect bedbugs you need to act fast and contact a professional as most off the shelf products will be ineffective. The quicker you act on the bedbug infestation the better to prevent rapid increase in the bedbug problem in your premises.


For the treatment of bedbugs and in relation to the size of the bedbug infestation we firstly need to do a full and detailed inspection of the infected area. On many occasions the culprit could be the common dog or cat flea, but if we identify bedbugs we can recommend a single or combination of treatments to rid you of the bedbug problem.


We recommend for the treatment of bedbug infestations is either a chemical spray or heat treatment or a combination of the two that’s if the bedbug infestation requires it. In some cases joining rooms may also need to treated, so it is imperative that we do a detailed inspection initially. On resolving the problem we can also offer products to aid in the prevention of a repeat of the bedbug problem.


On the increase and becoming a headline grabbing problem in the UK. Although difficult to treat we have the latest equipment and treatments to tackle this problem, either with chemicals or heat treatment or the both combined.

We offer an emergency cover for all customers, contact Keith on 07752197046 or Email us on and we will respond as soon as possible and agree a convenient time to deal with your bedbug problem. We are proud to be a company that can offer both heat treatment and chemical spray treatments in York for the elimination of bedbugs.

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